lundi 15 juin 2009

Les 25 points clés suite au Forum mondial de l’eau d’Istanbul

Le plus grand acquis de ce forum fut peut-être de permettre aux participants une prise de conscience : ce qui les unit est plus important que ce qui les sépare. En ce sens, la thématique du forum, « jeter des ponts entre nos différences », a rencontré un certain succès.

Certaines dimensions justifient un approfondissement particulier, notamment dans la perspective des objectifs du Millénaire ; nous vous renvoyons donc aux pages suivantes (en anglais) :

Political Processes

Ministerial Statement / City Compact Help Authorities to Adapt to Water Challenges / Parliamentarians Launch International Helpdesk / Heads of State Put Water Security at Centre Stage. Click here to acces the detailed webpage.


Ministers Join Forces to Adapting to Climate Change / Water to be Picked up in Financial Crisis / Action Plan to Reduce the Number of Victims of Water-related Disasters / Harmonizing Strategies for Water, Food and Energy / Rising to Diverse Sanitation Challenges. Click here to acces the detailed webpage.

Thematic Programme

Climate Change, Disasters and Migration / Advancing Human Development and the MDGs / Managing and Protecting Water Resources / Governance and Management / Finance / Education, Knowledge and Capacity Development. Click here to acces the detailed webpage.

Regional Processes

Focusing on Regional Specificities / Financing is a priority for Africa / Concerted efforts on multiple uses for the Americas / Disasters and food shortages affect Asia-Pacific the most / Europe needs greater cooperation at all levels / Turkey connects to its neighbours on water / Arab/MENA Region seeks to reform current policies and practices / Ministers agree to create a Mediterranean strategy for water. Click here to acces the detailed webpage.

And other activities...

Water in the Spotlight / Bridging the Divide between Generations / And lots more... Click here to acces the detailed webpage.

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